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Our Founder & CEO, Carlos Northon, has spent the last 20 years working in publishing and has been instrumental in raising the profile of many international businesses. Carlos has worked in the media/publishing end of intellectual property for over a decade and has gained vast experience in this specialised industry. He is considered an expert in bringing IP law firms and IP business service providers to the forefront by achieving the best possible recognition and exposure for their remarkable achievements and work by branding and promoting their expertise through engagement campaigns driven by content.


Since our inception in 2018, we have worked with some of the industry's highly respected businesses and personnel, including LexOrbis, PatWorld, LexisNexis, Dumont, Advitam, Sun IP, Patpol and Caribbean Trademark Services, to name drop a few. 

Over the years, we have solidified strong relationships with senior and non-senior members of international IP associations from INTA, Marques, AIPPI, ECTA, World IP Forum, etc. We continue to work with them today as official media partners for their international events. 

Our vision is to work successfully in exclusive partnerships with law firms and service providers Internationally to build up a legible network of professionals with similar goals in promoting their business within environments relevant to their growth. Today, we continue advising our clients on the best way to market their business services via our IP publications and rigorous social media campaigns, helping them generate awareness and new business nationally and internationally.

We understand how vital and time absorbing being a patent or trademark attorney can be. Branding and social media activity is typically left on the back burner or pushed on to an associate to handle who has little or no experience driving traffic to your firm's array of IP services. 

If your business is struggling to reach its target audience, be it for a new product launch, a new service you are providing, referral work, etc. We would love to speak with you about your firm's goals and how we can help you achieve them. 

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