Our aim is to give solid Media PR and Marketing support to IP Practitioners and service providers internationally.


Carlos Northon (Founder & CEO) has spent the last 20 years working in publishing and helping raise the profile of many businesses all over the world. Over the last eight years, Carlos has been working in the area of intellectual property and has gained vast experience in this specialised field. He is considered an expert in endeavoring to help clients with the issues they face in bringing their IP businesses to the forefront to gain the best possible recognition and exposure in their particular area.


Carlos has launched many intellectual property publications in the time he has been working in IP (IP Pages for Newton media & IPPro the Internet, IPPro Patents, IPPro Connects and IP Pages for Black Knight media) and has also worked with many of the world’s leading law firms and IP service providers including, Gorodissky & Partners, J.Varbanov & Partners, Dennemeyer, Patrix IP helpware, BDK, Patpol, Patentseekers to name a few..


Our vision is to work successfully in exclusive partnerships with law firms and service providers ‘Internationally’ to build up a legible network of professionals that have similar goals in promoting their business within environments that are relevant to their growth.


We are the only Media PR & Marketing business that is fully focussed on intellectual property that has partnered with two international IP Law firms to give our clients a service that we are 100% confident in executing to their requirements.

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