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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." --Demosthenes
Home from home

Northon and Co IP Law PR will offer our international clients a base to call their own in the UK. This will be an office offering a full secretarial and business service.

We understand that our clients cannot be everywhere at once so having a UK office advertised on your website will help in dealing with the time differences all over the world. Our staff will be heavily educated on your firm’s IP services and pricing of particular services that you offer.

We can inform and answer inquiries on your behalf, enabling us to feedback all the detailed information directly to you to pursue further negotiations.​


Organised liaisons with other law firms


We understand how busy lawyers can be and how difficult it can be to arrange meetings with targeted audiences or other law firms/lawyers globally.


We will lift this weight off your shoulders and organise these meetings on your behalf. This could be in varying forms; either via Skype, over the telephone or in person in a mutually agreed location in the UK or internationally at a specific time and date agreed by both parties.


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